Trim line that pokes through surface trims with view instead

  1. I have a surface and a line. The lines goes through the surface.
  2. I now want to trim this line to where it intersects with the surface.

However, when I use the trim command, it trims with a view projection instead.

Anyone know how to get a proper intersection trim from this?

While in the _Trim command, you will notice some command line options. Set _ApparentIntersections to “No”.

Thank you!

That was rather unintuitive, since I thought that intersections meant just that. :stuck_out_tongue:

untick “apparent intersection”

“Apparent” means “view-based” - which is not all that useful in a perspective viewport (and can be downright dangerous), but it can be quite handy in ortho viewports where the trim objects do not physically intersect.

Jesus christ, so why isn’t it named ViewProjectedIntersections, because that’s not apparent at all!? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I know, I know, McNeel doesn’t have a dedicated UI/Ux person.)

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