Split/Trim with not intersecting curves in orthogonal views?



Hey guys, thought this would work. Is this different from previous versions? Thank you!


A thousand pictures says less than one word. :wink:

(What is it that doesn’t work?)

// Rolf


Trim will work with non-intersecting curves if ApparentIntersections=Yes. Split has never allowed apparent intersections, so there need to be real intersections found for Split to work.


Hi Hannes

Looks like splitting by curves in parallel views works for surfaces but not for curves.
IIRC, this is also what happened in Rhino 5.

Actually I don’t know why it has to work this way … :confused:



Yep, been multiple discussions about this in the past… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So why not implementing this? Would be much fun :slight_smile:


Here are some discussions you can peruse at your leisure…

There are older ones too, going back to old newsgroup days… :older_man:t2:


Wow this is the science behind the magic. Thanks a lot Mitch for putting in the links. Hannes @Helvetosaur