Trim failure

If I have a planar surface, like in the attached file, Trim with the Line option doesn’t work unless the first point after clicking the Line option snaps to something. Steps to repeat:
Open the attached file, and work in the Right viewport
Select Trim and make ExtendCuttingLines=Yes ApparentIntersections=Yes
Click Line
Click, without snapping to anything, to create a cutting line and select the part of the surface to cut away.
(To make it function as expected, do the same except snap the cutting line to any part of the surface.)

apparent intersection fail.3dm (29.9 KB)

Hi Peter - got that, thanks.
It looks like if the CPlane in Right is moved closer to the surface, it works and if the overall scene is made larger by putting other geometry in, it also works…

RH-63603 Trim fails in some views


Fixed in the WIP

would be nice to have the fix in the next rh7 update - not in the WIP ;-(
kind regards -tom

This problem has been in there since the -Line option was added to Trim in V6.

Thanks - I’ll try it out!