Trim/Brep truncated cone (26.3 KB)

just replace it and create loft from the circles
i am not sure but i think you can make your definition more easier than that

I get an error…

try to remove cap component and add it again the cone is already closed brep

Nop… allways with this error… I don’t have ?

ok you use v5 and you have a problem with curves group that’s why you get a wrong result

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you have a problem from the beginning (29.3 KB)

may this help you (48.2 KB)



I will analyse your code to understant my problem :wink:


The trim is OK, but this is not the same thing…

please check this:

I neet to make a simulation of 3D printer extruder

Width of extruder is the offset of central line (sin) (to simulate the width of extruder) and in the next line I need the inverse of the line (like a mirror)

So, you can check in the image the mirror of lines and the simulation of width (offeset left and right to de central line)

I’m trying to understand how to make this in your code.

You can mirror the curve or move some lines in -× direction

Ok I’m trying but without sucess, I get an error if I use a square/rectangular shape … I’m trying to replace the arc to polygon center… but without success.


try this and search you will find better solution, i remember a thread here have the same pattern (43.4 KB)

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Next week I will try this.


Based on your project I adjust the code but now I have 1 problems. The code is ok for CONE shape but not for the other shapes. How I can adjust this ? (27.1 KB)

It’s possible to adjust and improve the brep zone detection to be compatible with more shape formats ?

Cone base is a circle and a circle is a closed region… how to convert a square / rectangle / closed lines in a closed region ?

If I change from edges (E) to faces (F) in BeBrep is very close but it’s not correct because the lines are cutted by the small surface (orange lines):


If I select the correct base ( face 5 ) the result is correct:

How I can select always the base face the face closed to Z0 ?

Thanks a lot.

because you need the base face ; find it than use its boundary to trim the curves (46.9 KB)

yes, thanks.

Another question :slight_smile:

If I import a stl, the system return an error from mesh (geometry) to brep conversion:


How I can convert from Geometry to Brep ?

I try this but it’s not the same result.

Mesh to Brep?Part1.stl (2.4 MB)

it is not simple to convert mesh to brep

But it’s possible to convert a STL to a native Rhino file ? With native rhino files (drawed files) i don’t have problems.

i didn’t try that