Curve middle line


I need to make something like this:

But not limited to a fixed distance between lines (offset)…

So, I need to infill a area of closed line and divide the area to create X number of lines like the image, and create something like a “sin”


Any idea ?

Similar to this (this shape is perfect, but is limited to offset):

similar post

Try to use pufferfish plugin’s Net On Surface component.

I need to update that, I guess he wants to be able to have a offset distance between them for the extrusion thickness.

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Here’s a ‘retarded’ way of doing it: (29.0 KB)

WOW… you are amizing :slight_smile: I will test …thanks.


If I duplicate the RED curve with negative formula (-y*sin(x) - GREEN curve) I get what I need but I think that is not the best solution:

It’s possible to create a “flip-flop” (+ / - / + / - etc…) to obtain the touch between axis ?


for sure, but I don’t want to do that :smiley:

keep it retarded via mirror (27.8 KB)

[edit] sorry didn’t pay attention to color-coding

how dare you!

I remember dealing with a concrete printer, just wanted to give you some play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

here domain is kept fixed (19.9 KB)

ahha … I’m talking about “my solution” (my changes in your solution) , not yours :smile:

Thanks again… :wink:

yes :grinning:

you’re welcome! I hope it helps!


I tested the system but I have a problem. I can not cross lines :frowning:


Only like:

Did you try the Pufferfish component?

No, because I need to make all the system without any component… only native code.

Idea is to use offset from curves…

What do you think ?

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I am sorry @jdsilvapereira, I am not following you at the moment - The initial file that was shared with you had that, didn’t it?

I mean this

then you wanted to invert the sine curve and I suggested mirroring, simply that - the curves were never crossing and if you don’t preview the ones mirrored then you’re left with non-crossing curves -

so what do you want?:grin:

Clarity is important as this is the first time you write ‘you cannot have them crossing’ and also that ‘you can’t use plugins’ after others kindly suggested pufferfish earlier.

I suggest something like this, so you don’t have intersecting paths and also you can define distance between bumps for material thickness. (15.9 KB)

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Yeah, it’s like your example:

But I test your code and my shape and result is:


I change all values but without success !!

Hi @Michael_Pryor

Nice :slight_smile: How I can adjust this to my closed curve ?

you’ll have to put your pentagon on top of all that then trim what’s outside, but you’ll end up with this:
again if the pattern isn’t rotated along or remapped to your boundary

repeating myself because nobody here knew you intended to rotate your shapes

here’s an update: (68.1 KB)

bake the internalized polygon and reinstate like in the video below to test your rotations (19.9 KB)


I get an error:

I fix with this:

Thanks I will test.