Trim set of curves with joined breps

Hello wizards of Grasshopper!
Hoping someone could point me to the right direction; I am having some problems trimming the set of curves with these breps I created( maybe joining them is not a good option too).
I need to trim the grid with these interior curves too but I am having some problems with it. What could the procedure be exactly, is trimming with joined breps actually the right way and how to create the interior joined element(curve) at the point of interesection of these two breps on both sides?
Thank you in advance and minimal file with internalized geom is attached.


Your file doesn’t seem to have uploaded correctly yet.

Please make sure to only save the relevant geometry in the file you’re uploading.

@martinsiegrist (1.4 MB)
I hope it´s ok now, have no idea why is it still uploading.
I internalized just the breps and grids.

Your file contains three grids but the curves are in one branch with no structure.

In order to filter the grid curves of each of the three surfaces, you shouldn’t join them and also you should not project the boundary to a horizontal plane. You just need to extrude vertically.

Unfortunately there is a tolerance problem. Will have to come up with a different solution

@martinsiegrist exactly this is where I stopped too, I managed to do this too, with a little bit of work around, extruding vertically, cutting with breps, and separated branches this is the final I also get, but when I try to create the intersecting line, it´s not clean and how I want it to look like. Thanks for the help anyway.

There you go: (1.4 MB)

Did you created the grid curves yourself? An output must have been flattened somewhere… If the grids are available in three separate branches, the surface CP / culling is not necessary.

The title could be changed to “trimming flattened set of curves with three breps”.

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by the time I prepared the second file, I guess you already solved it. Thank you @martinsiegrist very much, I owe you big time.

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Sorry but the second file you posted is not ideal either. Your tree structure is messed up. If the grids are created with the three breps, the paths should be identical. In your file path 1 surface and grid are not coincident. (1.4 MB)

I know there are mistakes, but maybe the whole procedure I am using is not really ok, because i created 3 separated grids for translational shell structures, and I also need to cut them with the boundaries of these 3 breps created. Now the whole bigger problem is in these 2 intersecting curves in between grids, cause even when I create some curved element I cannot have some clean polyline that I will shatter later at connecting points with grid, for Karamba3d analysis. That´s actually the biggest problem here.
Is there any way how to solve this “non coincident situation”? thanks once again for your help.

How about some quad remeshing?

Would need to be optimized a bit of course…

not possible to change this topology now, it has to be grid like this.