1. Curves should only be trimmed with a closed Brep

I am trying to trim those loffts into the polygon cell. But the error with the trim brep keeps coming up and I was hoping someone knows how to fix it or even a different way to make the whole rectangle with the lofts in it smaller and trimmed into the smaller hatched cell.
Thank you in advance. (I am new to grasshopper)


Upload file to get best result/ solution.


it says the ffile is too large. what can i do?

Zip it and try

group.zip (3.5 MB)

Are you trying to make the trim between lofted strip vs Brep or else you need the whole image sampler loft to be inside the small pentagon shape. Need a clear explanation.

Hi Sarahali, is this what you are trying to achieve?
the trim curve with brep expects a closed brep as a cutter instead of a single surface.

I had to lower the tolerance of the file in Rhino to get useful intersections.
Edit 2: first version works better group_ME.gh (1.6 MB)

Is it possible to have the lofts inside the whole polygon? Or can it only be a rectangle?

both, the whole image sampler inside of the polygon but not as a rectangle. it the image sampler should have the shape of the polygon. is that possible?

You can place the polygon whereever you want.

Group ME.zip (3.2 MB) (I have adjusted the tolerance in the unit settings otherwise it fails)

Thank you so much for your help.

when i opened it, it didnt look like what you sent. what about all these errors? did i do something wrong?

I guess you should adjust your tolerance settings.

how do i do that

Are you using Rhino 5? There is a Curve Middle component missing.
So I have used evaluate curve instead:group_ME.gh (1.6 MB)

yes i use rhino 5

But does the new file work?

the grasshopper file looks just like yours but the output didnt change

what am i doing wrong :sob:

What happens if you delete these components?