Trims inside, but not outside

I have here a set of curves going through a set of spheres. I would like to trim the curves with the spheres. I get the “inside” result, but the outside shows me the curve untrimmed.
Prior to graft my set of curves, I had no result at all. Actually don’t know why I did that, but it seemed to compute the inside trimming… (285.0 KB)

hull design.3dm (4.7 MB)

Please post your Grasshopper definition with the relevant inputs internalised.

thought I had done this…
Thanks for having a look : )

This is a part of your screenshot from above:


Where is this in your Grasshopper file?

up there where it should always have been : )


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ohhh sorry : (258.0 KB)

Your approach failed because the component you used is asking you for a single brep to trim against:


Instead, use the trim with breps and then test which of the segments are inside a sphere.

Something like this: (14.4 KB)


I see trimming breps instead of trimming brep makes sense… Thank you

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No problem.

Actually there is a Trim with Breps that is even shorter and returns the inside/outside pieces for each curve, that could be useful later on. (11.6 KB)


Ah yes, I used split with breps :slight_smile:

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