SubD - new in today's WIP

SubD enhancements and improvements are in today’s WIP.
If you’re interested in SubD, download the WIP and take a look.

New or improved commands:

  • Subobject selection tools
  • ToSubD
  • Crease, RemoveCrease
  • Insert, Slide

SubD support added to:

  • Join
  • Dir, Flip
  • Loft, Revolve, ExtrudeCrv
  • DupEdge, DupBorder
  • Curve, InterpCrv
  • UDT (Bend, Twist, …)

For a summary of what’s new and what’s changed, see the Rhino SubD - WIP Status document.

Sample SubD models …

Download here…



Hi @dalelear et al
This is great! Things are really looking good. Haven’t done extensive testing, but it seems that join, crease, uncrease etc. are rock solid! Well done!

Still no toolbar for SubDs or I missed something?

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Hi, Piotr,

The SubD toolbar issue is
That’s a good place to see what’s in the works for the toolbar.

I knew there isn’t any toolbar yet, just hoped with today’s announcement you’ve created one.
I really appreciate Rhino in that field (Grasshopper in particular), I’m looking forward to some nice solution.
I will probably end up using shortcuts anyway :slight_smile: