What happened to quad mesh converter?

hi @John_Brock,
why the post: https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/create-quad-mesh-plug-in-for-rhino-6-available/75803/4
isn’t available anymore?
any chanche to try the plugin?

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QuadMesh is in the V7 WIP
QuadrangulateMesh is in V6

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Hey McNeel guys,

we are talking about this plugin:

Why the post (and the download link) has been deleted?


It is here



We have a newer Quad Remesh technology that you may want to try:

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Hi John,
To use QuadrangulateMesh, we need first to convert surfaces into mesh, which is make 2 steps. I tried CreateQuandMesh in WIP7 and this avoid the first step because the command create a quadrangulated mesh from the surface directly.
It would be nice to use it in Rhino 6 but the plugin isn’t avaliable anymore on food4rhino.
Can you tell me where we can find it for rhino6?

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