Triangulate fixed shape!

(Gursel 87) #1

Hi friends.i tried to make triangulate surface through closest points and join them in triangle. I wish to make something like this

From yesterday I tried to make it in different ways but I couldn’t separate closest partitian list of 3 points.

Triangulate tower (12.3 KB)
I also hope theres way of doing it without meshes!

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

Still the same subject but duplicate threads.

Whatever, you have to internalise your geometry it will help.

To make 8 triangles it is faster in Rhinoceros.

Some test, no very beautiful !!

Triangulate tower (18.0 KB)

As you seem desesperate :grinning:
Here a more beautiful version :tada:

You will need Rhino 6, MeshmachineStatic

Triangulate tower (22.1 KB)

(Gursel 87) #3

Omg, I just noticed u reply.I knew that its possible.And u make it possible,Thank u so much!!