How to triangulate a facade?

Hello, I am kinda new to grasshopper and I have been trying for some days now to do this kind of facade. I would like to have a random shape that can be randomised as many times as I would like so that I could expreiment with the results. I tried triangulating the surface but I dont know how to have random triangles. I would really appreciate an answer. Thank you!


do you think a computer will be smarter than you for such a design ? I don’t think so.
But you can use that

Thank you for your answer. Do you know how to randomise the shape? Because I feel like it’s too regular, like the triangulation is regular. Is there a way to have really diferent triangular shapes? Thank you again

To get an irregular triangulation, you can make a randomised distribution of points, then take the Delaunay triangulation. (5.1 KB)

In an abstract world yes. In reality … this could yield a nightmare to make (not to mention the reserve stock that most owners require these days). Anyway … rnd groups of modules in a grid (notably with respect floor mounts) could make a more rational (not by much mind) solution (*).

I would suggest a more timid approach . (122.4 KB)

(*) In fact “something” like this (rnd grouped quads [same size modules] shown):

Thank you; how can I merge this with the meshmachine plugin?