Delaunay or triangulate fixed shape!


(Gursel 87) #1

trying to make triangulate shape with fixed border but wrong points connecting(((

Triangulate fixed shape!
(Laurent Delrieu) #2

Input a better plane on Delaunay component.

(Gursel 87) #3

What do u mean by ‘‘better plane’’ ??
Its works even without my case I just want it follow points on surface through shortest distance. I would happy if u can help me. (7.9 KB)

(Laurent Delrieu) #4

Can you try to explain what you intend to do.
I understand that you input a polyline curve (flat or not ?) and you want to triangulate it.
Why using Brep deconstruct ?
Why feeding not the same amount of translation point ?
Why translating point ?
You can do that

or that (11.4 KB)

(Vicente Soler) #5

For better performance and no need of plugins you can solve the second half with “face normals”, “point in curve” and “cull faces” components.

(Gursel 87) #6

First thank u for reply. but thing is that I need to move it also in x or y direction,that why I used graph mapper. also is it possible to do it without meshes?? (I just notice that Delaunay is make mesh) I need triangulated face. preferable looks like picture below but with fixed border as I showed in first post.

(Laurent Delrieu) #7

Your question was not clear. Now it is more clear, but for me Grasshopper can’t take your place. For such a design I will rely on me, my mouse and Rhinoceros. You have all the tools in Mesh menu to make something like that. But it could also be surface from corner …

(Gursel 87) #8

I see.thanks anyway!! also from which plugin u took ‘‘mesh explode’’??

(Laurent Delrieu) #9

Don’t think I don’t want to help, it is an advice from what I understand of your question.
If you want to use Grasshopper for such work. You have first to make you mesh on the surface you want. And then move vertices. There are many way to move vertices of mesh.
Deconstruct Mesh then Construct Mesh
You can use Point Deform

Explode Mesh is in MeshPlus and other plugin see here :

(Gursel 87) #10

I download this ‘‘mesh+’’ plugin but its not showing in toolbar. Any ideas how to make it seen?