Triangles on a Surface


I’m trying to fit triangles on a triangular surface where all sides are slightly curved inward. Because of the sides curves, the triangles would have to morph a little. In addition to that, the triangles should remain fairly same in size.

How would I do?

Thanks in advance!

The surface looks like this:

Hi JJ,

it would be easier, if you upload a 3dm with the surface.
To answer your question, you could use MeshMashine for example, if you don’t care, if it is a mesh or a nurbs-surface. With MeshMashine, you can set the edge lengths of the trianlge and the resolution. The result depends strongly on your input surface.
Another approach would be to divide the surface to points, combine them to “triangles” ( diagrid ) , draw polylines, split the surface with the polylines. This way, you will stay with nurbs-surfaces at the end.
Paneling Tools is a great plugin for these kind of works ( and for everything with patterns)

I hope it helps you,

The example you linked to helped a lot, thanks!

What I ended up doing before was populating the surface with circles and drawing lines between the centres.