Rhino mesh to surface

so i have created a mesh from a nurbs but the surface came out ovelapping with the mesh and i couldn’t get the mesh to lie on the exterior surface of the model(i need the mesh to look like the structure and surface to look like glass) so i deleted it and i wanted to create a surface using mesh as base is that possible please help

meshrhinotosurface.3dm (240.4 KB)

You can use Patch command to make NURBS surface, but the surface will not be the same as the mesh.

In Rhino terms your “mesh” is not a mesh. It is 346 closed polycurves. Each polycurve appears to have 6 segments and some, perhaps most or all are non-planar. There is no simple method to create a surface from each polycurve.

You may need to go back to the original NURBS surface and try alternative methods to achieve your design intent, and possibly modify your design intent.

Paneling Tools may be helpful if you back up to the original NURBS surface: https://wiki.mcneel.com/labs/panelingtools

thank you for the response… yes i still have original nurbs surface, i create a mesh through grasshopper but the mesh result is not on the exterior surface rather overlapping(i.e after baked). below i have attached eg model

example.gh (5.5 KB)
example.3dm (550.4 KB)

The vertices of your mesh are within .015 of the surface. (Explode the mesh, SelDup and Delete to delete the duplicate lines, ExtractPt to extract the end points, SelDup and Delete to delete the duplicate points, PointDeviation to check on distance between the points and the surface.)

Because your surface is convex and the vertices are on/near the surface, the mesh will be inside the surface. On method to create a mesh which intersects the surface would be to use OffsetSrf to create a slightly larger surface, and use that surface to create the mesh.

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“OffsetSrf to create a slightly larger surface, and use that surface to create the mesh” good one thanks!
one problem is how do i make it perfect(like surface touching the lines)…visually its ok ok but cant use that later

It is geometrically impossible for the entire length of a straight line to touch a curved surface such as your starting surface. You could Pull the ines onto the surface but the result will then be curves. Also pulling the lines onto the surface may result in gaps or overlaps between the resulting curves.

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yeah thats true i’ve been trying… not happening…thanks for the help though… God bless!