Triangular pattern on surface

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to apply a triangular texture on a surface. I’ve tried using lunchbox triangle panels but can’t figure out how to apply it to the surface I have and cut it so I get the depth. Another thing I need is to be able to control the size and depth of the triangles so they fade towards the center. I’ve attached the 3d file here.

Thanks! (11.8 KB)
Pattern.3dm (438.8 KB)

Just realized I forgot to add the grasshopper definition…

So I tried using the Weaverbird picture frames to thicken the curves, which I would then use to cut into a solid but the result doesn’t have smooth surface. (see attached image) Another thing I’m trying to do is trim the triangles using circles (see attached) Ultimately I want to use attractors to control the size, and spacing of the triangles and be able to randomize the depth.

Just to clarify, I don’t want the triangles to be extruded onto a surface, rather than the negative space be cut from a surface since the outer dimension is controlled.

Sorry, I’m still learning and I have no idea what to do even after watching tons of tutorials.


In this case, it could be a lot more easier to useSurface Morph rather than making pattern directly onto your target surface. (32.8 KB)

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This is great! Thank you so much!

So I’m trying to create something like this image but with random triangles at a higher Z than others:

What is the most efficient way of doing it? I was initially extruding triangles directly on the surface but that grows the surface. I want to control the outer dimension of the surface so the edges are in line with other geometry that I have.

Ideally I’d want to extrude cut the “grill” and then extrude random triangles so they have a higher Z. But that sounds like too much compute time. Am I making this overly complicated?

Check the linked topic bellow. If you make a diamond unit geometry like your reference image,
then, you can apply it to the diagrid on your target easily.