I need some help with my Grasshopper

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my bad English. I’m new to Grasshopper and have created a pattern and the shape of the model. I want to make the pattern goes all the way to the bottom to create a base with that pattern. Please help me.

Thank you so much

base test.3dm (168.5 KB)
base test.gh (23.6 KB)

Hi, did you tried to model the vase shape from single surface? Like revolve of single curve including wall and bottom? I think than it will work.

Ps. Replied via phone.

Can you show me how to do it? I’m new so I’m not sure about that sorry

Actually, I tried but I don’t think it works.

I did not check the code before my first reply. It seems to me, that you are creating Gcode for printer and you need to create bottom spiral to create solid “floor”.

Here is my dirty solution.

Used component from Thread by @laurent_delrieu
Spirale.gha (21 KB)
(Do not forgot to ublock the file)

base test_by dan.gh (28.6 KB)
base test_by dan.3dm (181.3 KB)


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That is amazing! Thank you for that. You are God!