Trasnfering User Attributes to Revit

I need to transfer user-defined attributes from Rhino to Revit. The idea is to have a graphic schedule in Revit in order to see the dimensions of different panels that compose a triangulated ceiling on my project.
I have a set of planar surfaces in Rhino that have different names (via Elefront attributes) I will like to send those panels to Revit and be able to tag them to create a graphic schedule. I’ve been transferring into Revit these panels as an adaptive component works fine. But I do not know how to transfer the user attributes so I can then tag their names in Revit.


Nice. To make a Parameter Taggable it needs to be shared or one of the system parameters (Instance Comments)

Thanks, Japh but how would you manage to transfer the User Attributes to Revit. I can certainly add a shared parameter to the adaptive component but I don’t see how to transfer them using Rhino.Inside. Any idea?


This is a simple example. If you have a custom shared parameter it would be similar.

Great! Thank you very much!