Shared Parameter Query

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I’m trying to bring in the shared parameters of a series of wall panels to use them as attributes through the Elefront components but for some reason the Element Parameter component is throwing nulls when reading the value of the shared parameter?

See attached image, the referenced Guid should return the Panel_Tag (WP1 etc.)

Any help is appreciated



The elefront Guid component is referring to Rhino Object Unique id’s.

The shared parameters will be available via the Query parameters. If you need to you can also see what’s available using the Shared Parameter Component and Parameter Identity Component, not that getting the GUID is necessary but if there’s a parameters of the same name i can see how that would be beneficial.

if you need to cast, a parameter component will take the GUID as text.

Thanks Japhy,

My issue seems to be with being able to bring in Shared Parameters from the Revit File. In Revit the Shared Parameters have values but when I query them in Grasshopper nothing comes through?

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:

  1. Layout Panel families on fabrication layer (done)
  2. Use shared parameter data from Revit Model (panel_Width, Tag, etc.) to set Rhino attributes with idential names
  3. Push new generic model families back to Revit on fabrication layer with shared parameters intact and able to schedule (Geometry goes in fine, cant get parameters to work.

If that’s unlear let me know. Thanks for the help

Those are type parameters, you need to go after the Type Element vs Instance.

I’m using the Inspect component there. You can use Shift to expand to all the elements available parameters, any parameters that you wire into a panel will stay when you collapse the component using CNTL and click the component Icon.

The output is the value but will also cast to Parameter Key if need be.

Great, thanks alot for the help

@Japhy according to documentation here

then we have to pass the UUID to get the parameter:

however on my end I have to use the parameter name:

You need to update documentation but I’m unsure who to tag :wink:

Hi Mathias, Sorry for the confusion, that GUID component is for Rhino Objects only, not related to the Revit UUID, GUID or Element ID.

In fact the Shared Parameter ID isn’t even a Revit Element GUID, but it’s own Shared Parameter GUID.

you should update this in the RiR documentation which shows the below screenshot (under shared parameter)

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Mathais, That actually works fine with the proper Shared Parameter GUID.

The rhino GUID component is just passing the value through, and not necessary or clear to what’s actually going on, we’ll get that updated. Thanks.

Hmm this is weird.

From below screenshot you can see my GUID from the shared parameter txt file.

The component does not work for me when i enter the GUID, but works fine with the parameter name.

I guess I need another ID then??

Looking at this more, it’s expecting a particular data type (not text), so either getting the parameter ID as shown or passing through the Rhino GUID is required.