Hi, i have issue with texture transparency.

Preview using SD Display Legacy Node with color swatch and a 24 bits alpha premultipled texture.

I’ve also try gltF 2.0 Display with double-sided parameter enable and disabled, not better. And with this Display node, swatch color is ignored taking colors from alpha map because alpha is plug in color in this case (to alpha map slot in gltf 2.0 Material).
Could you help us please ?

Have you tried to user the BLEND Alpha Mode using the glTF 2.0 Material component?

Yes i’ve already tryed that…

This sample GH works :
But with my project with same settings, we see through the metal sheet =/
I can’t figure out yet.

If you manage to reproduce it with a sample file like the one above, that would help a lot!

Hi Mathieu, I’ve sent you yesterday 2 samples (.gh) directly. :+1: Hope you’ll find the problem easily :pray:Thanks.

Up !

This is a new Same visual issue still happens with legacy or gltf2.0 display.
Note: We came back to Legacy SD display, because we can control the color easily.

GH good result:

SD bad result:

I’ve tryed to replace ‘Transform’ components by ‘Move’ components, same result.

This is another new
I’ve tryed to replace ‘Transform’ components by ‘Move’ components, same result.
But now, i had the same visual issue now in GH when using single face meshes only (with 2mm offsets). [Toggle ON]

No visual issue in GH when [Toggle OFF]

On SD side, swithcing ON and OFF does not affect the visual result like in GH:

Samples are here: (9.9 KB) (15.8 KB)

Anyone have a idea ? Thanks =)

Hello @pierreyves.jacques,

this is probably an issue with how the model is structured. We’ll have a closer look and get back to you!

Cheers, Michael

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Hello :wave:
I still have my issue with transparency of this model. I have double checked my GH file (share here before) without funding anything strange. Could you please take some time to check the file please ? Thank you =D


Could you have a look on this bug?
We have troubles with this on our online shop

I can see images behind instead of images in front.


Could you link here to the model on ShapeDiver so we can investigate?