Arctic - Ghosted mode

In previous WIP versions of RH6, it was possible to create a custom override to the Arctic display mode to create a ghosted view mode, by changing Color & Material Usage to Object’s Color and upping the Transparency.

With the latest Beta, it seems this no longer works - any ideas why?

Hmm, doesn’t have an effect here either.
But from your image, it looks as if it works…?

In any case, it would be good if this could work again.

@Jeff @Pascal
Any ideas?

@lucasepp Very strange… It seems making a copy of Arctic is preventing any kind of transparency settings from working… However, making a copy of Ghosted and turning it into Arctic seems to work… And at the moment I haven’t a clue why… Technically they should be exactly the same…I’m going to have to step through things and watch what’s happening…

In the mean time, I’ve attached a display mode that I think does what you’re after.


Arctic Ghosted.ini (11.8 KB)

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I just wrote up the problem report on this one so that you can track it…