Transform this into that

I want to run an animation from the top view that will show the transformation from this mesh to that mesh. I am very new to Bongo, although I only see videos showing the points being moved manually, not necessarily a transformation from one object to another.

This: 1.3dm (247.5 KB)

That: 2.3dm (6.6 MB)

You should be able to accomplish what you want in Bongo.

The basic flow is

  1. Select the object
  2. Turn on control points
  3. Press the animate button
  4. Move the timeline to the desired keyframe
  5. Move the control point to the desired position

This will make a morphing keyframe. As you move the scrub the timeline you will see the control point change position. You’ll have to do that for each each control point you intend to move which may be a little laborious. You may also want to clean up the mesh a bit before animating. You cannot change the number of control points over the course of the animation.

Here’s a tutorial you may find helpful.

Thank you Joshua, I figured this would be what I would have to do. I’ve seen animations where an object is transformed into another object automatically without moving each control point manually. This is what I was hoping for although seems like Bongo does not have this capability.

Thank you