Can I realize it with Rhino?

Hi, I need to realize a 3d animation like this

Can i use Rhino, Bongo and Vray for do it?
I think the problem is removing material during animation. Need for CAM plugin?
Thanks in advance

Bongo’s key strength is to move, rotate and scale all kinds of Rhino objects (points, curves, surfaces, polysurfaces) eventually in forward or inverse kinematics. Then there is modification of camera’s position and target providing cinematographic techniques. Furthermore there is manipulation of objects properties like visibility and material characteristics etc…

For reshaping objects (other than scaling) Bongo offers Morphing which allows animation of the shapes of curves and surfaces trough their controlpoints. Polysurfaces are not equipped with controlpoints, hence they are unfortunately excluded from morphing. Luckily with a clever use of Rhino’s History in commands like Extrude, Sweep, Loft etc… it is often possible to animate shape transition of (simple) polysurfaces.
The use of these techniques (and clever use of some Clipping Planes) could produce a make believe of the rifling.

For the transformations of the surfaces of the basic block

however Bongo’s morphing skills are (still) to modest. Only vast trickery (a professional animation plugin unworthy) could complete the make-believe.

In short; alas, I think this is a bridge too far for Bongo 2.0

Hi Luc,

Isn’t there an option to run a script before each frame? That would allow for a script to help create the geometry per frame?


Sure there is. Andy launched the BongoBonusTools on Wish: "running script for each frame" option which contains the BongoBonusToolsForEachFrame command.

The idea of repetitive Boolean Difference did cross my mind. Personally however I’m not familiar with Rhino’s Macros, and one cannot expect every user to be.

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If boolean operation could be used with History than it could good done. Tested it here but it doesn’t work. Did I something wrong? Could be great to get boolean and History running.