Morphing control points not possible


I tried to animate a surface like here described:

But I don’t got it working at Rhino 6 here. Did I have overseen something or is it not working anymore?

I selected control points, enabled animation and moved the control points, but no keyframe is added.

(My goal is to animate a label which is removed from a package. At the moment I got it per _flow working.)


Remove Label.3dm (336.7 KB)

Your workflow is correct but unfortunately Morphing isn’t operational for ‘trimmed’ surfaces (rounded corners).
I fear Morphing is only able to peel of rectangular labels.

Oh, so, could it be possible to animate the control points of trimmed surfaces too please? Since it is possible manual to edit control points, why not make allow an automatic manipulation? I hope it could be added to Bongo 3 at least. :wink:

Maybe it’s the same current limit - it could be nice to get _cageedit (with history) working for Bongo animations too.

We have an open issue for cage edit morphing here.

Trimmed surfaces inability to morph may just be an oversight. I logged the issue here since I couldn’t find an existing one. I’ll look into it when I get a chance.

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Hi Micha,

It should be available in the next WIP