Tie Object to Moving Surface

Relatively new to Bongo (though not Rhino or GH) and and trying to work out an animation with the following;

A surface that Morphs (got this down easily)

Another object that sits “on top” of this morphing surface and moves with it as it morphs. In an ideal world it would also be able to analyze the surface normal at that point and rotate itself to align to it.

I know how I would go about doing this in GH but animating things, especially for rendering, in GH can become a bear pretty quickly.

Anyone have any thoughts?


To do this in Bongo you would have to make the morphed surface out of lines. When creating the surface out of the lines you should have Record history on. Animate the surface morphing by moving the lines and then the surface moves with the lines thanks to record history.

The object that you want to sit on top of the surface will then have to be constrained to one of the lines. Make the constraint stay in the right place by having the constraint parameter set to the same for the first and the last keyframe.

Here is an example model with a ball on a surface.BallOnSurface.3dm (659.1 KB)

I appreciate the response with the demo model.
Unfortunately, I don’t think will work for my purposes.
I’m looking to have a moving ocean (non displacement based) with boats that stay in roughly the same place but rock and roll with the waves.
Unless you think otherwise it looks like I’ll have to go to Max to do this in any kind of efficient way.