Transform an object into another form

Is it possible in RHINO to transform the contoured object on the left into the shape of the object on the right, maintaining all of the intricacy of the contours in the left hand object?

@msbob2010 Look at cageEdit. HTH

I couldn’t do it alone with Rhino. I exported the 2 profile curves to a drawing program, made a crossfade and exported the new curves back to Rhino. Then in Rhino I adjusted the rotations of the helix curve. 2rot, 1.666rot, 1.33rot, …

This works for me, thanks

You could easily make the intermediate morphed sections by lofting from the first profile to the last, then using Contour or Section to slice the surface.
Then you have your intermediate sections. You’ll need to clean up the profiles to have the minimum needed sub-curves before extruding and twisting.

@msbob2010 You are welcome. Think others missed the part about how you wanted to keep the detail. cageEdit is really cool. Best feature to play with is to modify the number of control points on each axis to suit your goal.