Selectively transforming/morphing meshes

I would like to create a generic mesh model of an organic object that could be transformed selectively (not overall, but based on particular measurements/curves/constraints on the model).Basically I have a set of objects in real life that do not have a uniform shape, but share the same basic form. I have physically taken various arc measurements/circumferences at homologous locations on all the objects, and I want to “morph” the generic mesh so that the respective measurements alter the shape of the model. I haven’t figured out how this would work in practice, so I might sound a little vague. I’m having a hard time pinning down a starting point, or if such a thing would even be possible in Rhino. The 'bend" transform command gives me hope that it might be. Does anyone have any ideas that could get me moving in the right direction?



Hi mcmurcher - I’d think CageEdit would be workth explring, with the Local option, and a suitable falloff distance, with the cage created just around the area you want to change (CageCommand is handiest to create an arbitrary 3d cage object and CageEdit to apply it.)