Morf: Please, does anyone know of a way to just take an edge or curve

Please, does anyone know of a way to just take an edge or curve to another target, using Cage or something similar:

Are you looking for Flow or FlowAlongSrf command?

Yes, I know.
I’ve actually been working with Rhino since version 2.
Since then, I need a command that can change contours or take edges of surfaces to a desired target.
I think that in this Forum, I can find the help I need.
Thank you for your attention.

Example of what I need:

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You mean just point-editing, or MatchSrf?

In this case you have recreated the surface, I need to transform it, because the example I have set is very simple. Just so I can show you what I need. You can verify this by looking at the second image that I put.

Well be aware that what you’re illustrating could be about a dozen different tasks, for what purpose are you trying to do this “transformation?”

This transformation is necessary, when the model is completed and there is a need to change the entire base contour or part of it.
But there will always be a curve or surface indicating the necessary transformation.

Hello - use Flow, with the ‘Local=yes’ option. Set the first radius to zero and make sure Stretch=Yes as well.


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I did, it really deformed according to the radius informed, taking the edge to another curve, however the surface exceeded the indicated limit. Any suggestion?

Hello - in this case, I guess sset Stretch=No.


Thankful, it worked.
Who can be interested in what is set - Stretch: Yes

Looks like you are looking for some kind of construction history with the ability to change input. In Rhino, the best option is to use Grasshopper.

Good Morning,
Could you explain (show me), how can this be built in Grasshopper?

I know it’s not exact and it’s not automated, but in the case of the shoe profile I’d just use a cage to modify it to fit the new profile. That’s what I do in similar situations. It only takes a few minutes & you can get good results.

I work for shoe manufacturers.
Usually my clients ask for exact contours and curves, based on the definitions they have set in their companies.
Therefore, the transformation required has great precision. I only find this by indicating curves of origin and target, already established.
The CAGE command, always helps for quick transformations. But when something needs to be accurate, I can’t find an easy solution.

Hi Leandro, I think this is a great starting point:

Cheers, Orlando