Im trying to create and hopefully controlled parameter shape of a profile going from thick to thin but also curving and also twisting.
what would be the best procedure commands to tackle this. ive tried a few but still getting bad results.
is the only way to do this is by manually building all the edge curves ?
​​​​​​​is this a rhino or maybe a grasshopper thing?

Looks like something you should sweep. Make a rail curve in the flow path, then construct some profiles along the rail that will result in a twisted geometry once swept.

sweep would work but its more like sculpting the shape and hard to control the smoothness in transitions.
im sure there is a way in grasshopper to sweep/loft with taper+bent+twist controls.
just not sure how.
Sweep-twist v1.3dm (658.5 KB)

im sure there is a way in grasshopper to sweep/loft with taper+bent+twist controls.

I’ve been using Gh for many years, there is no magic do the perfect thing button. Your Rhino file is pretty close to what you would do in Gh, I’d say you need a bit more work on the profiles (why are they so far off from the rails in some places?), but the idea is there and it is most likely how it would be done. You can taper (scale) and twist (rotate) but you would do that to the profiles and then loft / sweep. Doesn’t make much sense to try and taper / twist after the fact.


yeah, well i found a good way now.
drawing 3 contours (possible more )
lofting with “record history”
drawing curve path
“Flow” command loft on to path with “record history”

Sort of “parametric” as i can change taper and twist with loft profiles
and change curve path and see shape morph smoothly.

grasshopper v6 has flow (i only have v5) so could have done it in grasshopper too with more controlsTaper-twist-flow - recorded history.3dm (147.7 KB) .

Create backbone curve
Create line same length as backbone curve
Create straight, untwisted shape.along the line
Twist straight shape
Twist the shape

TwistFlowDC01.3dm (776.6 KB)
TwistFlowDC01v5.3dm (766.2 KB)

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