Trackpad Sensitivity - zooming w/ 2finger + opt

with the preference setting ticked ‘use two fingers to zoom & pan’

zooming to cursor via 2fingers + option is too sensitive(?)… i’ll often move my fingers less than 1/4" and have zoomed through the model.

with the pinch gesture, i have much better control over zoom amount but it’s not as fluid to switch to pinching as it is to keep your fingers in the same position as rotating then just push the option key.

zooming to center (2finger + cmmd) seems a little better as far as amount of zoom in relation to finger travel… i rarely (never?) zoom to center though.

anyway, just curious if this is hardcoded or if there’s a plist setting i might be able to play around with via terminal? ultimately, i think it would be nice if there were a preference slider (or something) available for a user to change the zoom speed…

i understand things could go out of whack as there’s the system preference for trackpad speed already… so having additional sliders in rhino prefs could possibly lead to some weird mismatch between the two… i don’t want to change my system pref tracking speed because the speed i have it set to is right for everything else…
rotating or orbiting and pan are at a nice speed in rhino right now… it’s just the zoom that’s off.

not sure if this is a question or suggestion or what… just putting it out there for discussion though.

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You can change zoom rate in Rhinoceros > Preferences > View. Change the Zoom scale factor to something closer to 1. Values larger than 1.0 reverse the zoom direction.

This Rhinoceros setting is shared withe the mouse scroll wheel, so if you use both a mouse and the trackpad at the same time, you may need to pick a compromise value that works for both devices.

cool thanks. that works out ok… (at ~.96)

i don’t have a mouse with me right now to see the effect on its zooming but i generally work without a mouse on the laptop anyway.