Zooming and Mac Keyboard Convention

I am an all mac user, using another product in emulation. Looking for a native Mac Cad solution. So I am trying this experimental version.

One suggestion right off the bad, is that CMD/+ and CMD/- should zoom in and zoom out as that it is what every other Mac program responds to.

maybe… but zooming something like safari is different than zooming in rhino… cmmd+ or cmmd- in mac apps zooms the text and images etc… or, it’s basically like putting a magnifying glass in front of the screen… then ⌘0 typically resets to Actual Size.

in rhino (or other modeling programs), there isn’t really a concept of ‘Actual Size’ regarding zoom levels.

anyway, my point is that the zoom conventions in apps with ⌘+ or ⌘- shortcuts doesn’t correlate with something you’d do in rhino… unless you’re wanting to do something like make all the icons and text in the layer panel(etc) larger and smaller.

that said, i suppose if you really wanted to, you could assign the keystrokes to _ZoomLens _In & ZoomLens _Out macros…

i just think that once you become more familiar with modeling in rhino (or modeling in any app for that matter), you’ll quickly abandon those shortcuts in favor of other means of navigation.

If you want to move in and out in the view.

Nearly every application on the mac exhibits this behavior. The only one I can think of that don’t are from M$.

I am making that observation as a Mac user coming to the product for the first time. Mac expect certain consistent behaviors.

I have seen a few others that I might bring up later.

if you want to move in/out the view, you use the scroll wheel or shift+2fingers on a trackpad … in most other apps, the scroll wheel or 2fingers moves the page up&down… it doesn’t zoom the page.

idk, i’m also a longtime mac-only user… i understand what you’re saying but at the same time, i think you might be unfamiliar with navigating 3D space on a flat screen… a ‘dumb’ zoom which just makes objects appear larger or smaller on screen isn’t entirely helpful in most modeling situations… instead, it’s better to zoom to cursor or extents or selection or target etc…

anyway… regardless of all of that… it’s possible for you to set rhino to do what you’re wanting… you can make ⌘+ zoom the lens…

…except there’s a bit of a problem with assigning shortcuts in the current release but it will probably be fixed by the next release… so when it’s fixed, i’ll post in this thread again and tell you how to set rhino up to act like you’re wanting it to in these regards.

i just think it’s somewhat important to try to recognize the difference between most applications and a 3d modeling application… with 3D modeling, your eyes are a camera… the camera can move around an object, up/down/left/right/forward/back/etc… the lens itself can also zoom just like a zoom lens…

the applications you’re comparing to don’t have a camera nor do they have a need for a camera… ‘zooming’ in one of those applications is simply magnifying or demagnifying a 2d sheet… Zooming in a 3d modeler has more than one interpretation… if you move the camera forward (foot zoom in photography land), you’ll have a different result than if you stay in one place and zoom the lens… there isn’t only one type of zooming in rhino, there are basically 3 different types of zooming in rhino
which are further enhanced by other options such as:

it’s not necessary to completely master all of these things in order to navigate efficiently but i’m just trying to make the point that zooming in rhino is not the same thing as zooming in safari… ⌘+ in safari does one thing, it makes the page appear larger… in safari, there’s no need nor concept to zoom through a page in order to see behind it… or there’s no need to change perspective etc… zooming in rhino can mean a whole bunch of different things… there isn’t only one Zoom which should follow convention and be assigned to a standard shortcuts… the fact that there’s a camera in the application breaks convention of most other applications so in many respects, the controls are certainly going to break convention as well… (not really break convention since it’s unconventional to begin with… instead, it will need to create convention)

and on that note, i’m talking too much on the internets today :smile:

There are no scroll wheels on Mac rodents.

but there are gestures… which rhino recognizes… are you unable to zoom with the magic mouse?

if zooming isn’t working with your apple mouse, go:

Rhinoceros > Preferences > Mouse > Magic Mouse

check the box ‘enable magic mouse gestures’… you should then be able to simulate using a scroll wheel as a means to zoom the rhino model.