Scrolling with Magic Mouse

I have my magic mouse set so it moves fluidly and to my liking across the screen, but when I scroll to zoom in on Rhino it lags and then zooms in too quickly and gives me a headache, is there anyway to slow down the zoom speed without slowing down how my cursor moves? Changing the opinions on Preferences? I think the lag in the mouse delay has something to do with me over zooming, Anyone else have this issue?

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Yes, with the MacbookPro Retina touchpad. It should be user configurable in Rhino Mac. In the meantime maybe the default could be tuned up, even if it means special casing the Magic Mouse and MacBook touchpad.

In Rhino > Preferences > View > Zoom, change to Scale factor value to a value closer to 1 to slow down the zooming speed.

Thanks, Marlin. I never went to the view pane because the pan default seemed OK. Also, my Windows setup has been OK for so long that I didn’t even remember there was an adjustment until you reminded me. I also probably would have looked for it in all the wrong places if you hadn’t said where it was :blush: Believe it or not .99 seems to be about right. Trying .995 rounds to 1.00, which doesn’t zoom at all. Maybe it would make sense to change the internal gain number so there’s more adjustment resolution. Or allow 3 decimal places in the setting.

I agree. Currently the adjustments aren’t small enough…


how are you zooming on the trackpad?
if you’re using two-fingers + a modifyer key (option or command) then it’s not the ‘real’ zoom or the one which would happen if using a middle mouse wheel.

to get that type of zoom, you have to use a two-finger pinch gesture (with no keys) in which case, the default zoom scale factor is, to me, set right.

i think eventually some of the zoom gestures/keys could get rearranged/reassigned but there are a lot of different zoom options so it would have to be thought through better than i have in the past (as in- at one point, i asked if the ‘normal’ zoom could be cmmd-2finger instead of the pinch and i thought that may solve some things or ease confusion but i think i was wrong about that… it introduces some other conflicts with the way the other mod keys are currently assigned)

I’m starting to see how this works now:

  1. Slow Zoom, fine control: two-finger pinch

  2. Medium Zoom, faster: two fingers + command

  3. Fast Zoom, fastest: two fingers + option

With the preferences scale factor at 0.99 it’s not too bad (still think more resolution here would be good). Now if I can just get the rules embedded in my brain…

One thing I really like in Windows version with scroll-wheel mouse is the way one can simultaneously zoom and pan by controlling where the mouse cursor is when scrolling. Another is how quickly one can zoom from looking at galaxies to looking at protons (exaggerating to make the point) in order to inspect for micro-anamolies. With two or three fat fingers on a trackpad this is not nearly as easy and accurately controllable.

So there’s your assignment, should you choose to accept it, Mr. Hammond :smile: .

well, the pinch zoom does zoom to cursor (pan & zoom at the same time)

an earlier request of mine was to make 2finger + cmmd do that zoom then the pinch is what cmmd is now. (ie switch them)

but that still doesn’t bring consistency with the other zoom functions. I don’t have enough time to type it all out now but when I get time to sort through it all and make a clear statement on it, I’ll do so :slight_smile:

edit- I think it’s set up ‘right’ now except one thing-- pinch zooming is sort of awkward to use and it’s the one most people would want to use (it’s the same zoom as using a scroll wheel)

With the next WIP release, you can use more fractional digits in the zoom factor setting.

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