Is there a way to control the sensitivity of zooming with my Magic Mouse scroll wheel

I’m using a Magic Mouse with Rhino for Mac. I find that zooming with the scroll wheel is really hard to use. It’s all or nothing. I barely touch the scroll wheel and I’m either centimeters away from my object, or miles away. It’s extremely hard to control. I find that I have to move my finger in micro movements on my mouse. Even then, I still can’t really control my zooming and wind up working way far away or way too close to my object. Zoom to Selected objects is sort of helping. I can then pan and orbit to get to where I want to go. but it takes longer to do that. I’m used to being able to use scrolling zoom to navigate easily in other programs. Not sure why Rhino is so sensitive. It doesn’t matter which mouse I use either. I’ve tried several mice. Same thing. All or nothing. Is this intentional? Is there a way I can adjust the sensitivity of zooming in Rhino?
I’m using Rhino for Mac V5.1 (5B161) on a Mac running El Capitan.

Since this is happening with any mouse, see if changing the zoom scale factor to something closer to 1 helps.
Mine is at 0.999
More info in the [help file](“Scale factor ___”) .

I have additional questions to this topic. Why is the magic mouse zooming FAST if I move my finger SLOW (to scroll), and why is it zooming SLOW if I scroll my finger FAST? Is it a normal behavior of magic mouse?

I have the ZOOM scale factor set up to: 0.97

Running MacOS Sierra. Rhino 5 for MAC. Magic Mouse 2.

Thank you for advice!

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