Trackpad – 10.10 Beta (Yosemite Beta)

Trackpad Pan / Rotate doesn´t work yet.

I assume this might be a problem to the Beta status of OS X 10.10.

Does anybody have this problem either?

I see this. I’m pretty sure this used to work with earlier versions but it is not working with the latest Yosemite releases. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

Confirmed here as well. Worked in previous versions.

Same here, stopped working around PB 2/3. Really hoping for a fix soon.

Confirmed here as well, worked in OS X Mavericks but does´t work anymore in apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite alpha version.

Works now on 10.10.0 (Yosemite - regular version) with the latest Rhino WIP version - 2014-10-14 (5A552).

works now again on 10.10, but not very good. Using two fingers to pan and rotate still doesn´t work properly, confusion with zoom using two fingers like google maps.
Zoom is sometimes slow (sluggish) and delayed on my MacBook Pro late 2013 (Intel Iris Pro).

Correct, zoom is always delayed (up to 1second) on Yosemite / Rhino WIP 5A552 WHEN one maximized window is used.
zoom is always working fine on Yosemite / Rhino WIP 5A552 WHEN 4-view is used.

Sorry, before I just tested PAN / ROTATE, and these work fine.


when PAN / ROTATE works, it works fine, but sometimes it confuses the two finger gesture and ZOOM instead of ROTATE

ZOOM is not always working fine on Yosemite / Rhino when 4-view is used.
At my computer right now it was very slow in 4-view mode.

10.10 & 2015-10-15

I’m also experiencing sluggish(?) navigation with trackpad (two finger view rotation & pinch zooming)…

another thing is that gestures aren’t working at all (macros for 3finger swipes)

I have never seen any sluggish behavior with the trackpad. I’ve made changes in the next WIP release that help fix the zoom / pan confusion. Please test this again with the next WIP release.

[quote=“marlin, post:12, topic:12183, full:true”]
I have never seen any sluggish behavior with the trackpad. [/quote]

with the setting in Rhino Preferences-> Trackpad-> “use two fingers to pan and rotate” enabled

have you tried using a 2finger pinch gesture to zoom?

as far as i can tell, rotating/orbiting/panning are all ok on their own but if you do a 2finger zoom prior to any of them, it appears they too are lagging but i think it’s because rhino is still trying to complete the zoom (it’s as if it zooms in slow motion)

i’m also unable to get any of the 3 finger gestures to register regardless of my trackpad settings in system prefs.

Still couldn’t get sluggish behavior after using a 2 finger zoom. The 2014-11-05 WIP is out and it has changes. I have no idea if this will fix any trackpad issues that have been reported, but I think it will be better.

And trackpad swipes are working again.

trackpad swipes are working for me now as well.

here’s a video in attempt to show the “sluggish” behavior… (latest build- 20141105)

panning and rotate respond as expected… the zoom though? hopefully the video explains it. :wink:
(i didn’t touch the trackpad for the last 10 seconds of the video.)

OK, I (finally) can see this. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

Just an FYI - this behavior occurs using WIP 20141105 on OS 10.8.5 - not just Yosemite.
The response to trackpad gestures is jumpy, delayed, and often unpredictable…

latest WIP 5A580 two finger to Pan view option sometimes stopped working. Needs to restart Rhino to get it working again.

yeah, i had that happen to me earlier (zooming was poor plus rotating/panning completely quit working)… instead of restarting, i did ‘About Rhinoceros’ under the rhino menu…

for whatever reason, doing that brought back panning/rotating and now my pinch zoom works as well

I am still having this problem with the pan in Perspective view, and pinch to zoom also seems to be a nonexistent command.
Shift-two fingers, doesn’t pan in perspective. Pan in other views works and rotate is working fine for me as well. It’s just pan and zoom in perspective that is not working at all.