Trackpad crash on macbook pro yosemite 10.10.2

Hy, since upgrade Yosemite on 10.10.2 latest version the 02/02/2015.
the track pad doesn’t work anymore with usual command like “shift two fingers” and “cmd two fingers”.
Well after that i try to see in rhino preferences / Trackpad unsuccessfully…
is someone have the same problem?

is rhino actually crashing?

with the 10.10.2 release, you’ll have to change the settings in the magic mouse preferences (even though it’s a trackpad issue)… see here:

Ah! thank-you! That is a small detail that makes a huge difference in making Rhino awesome to use on a mac.

Thank’s a Lot Jeff (and sorry cause it was yet in the discussions but my english is work in progress to). It work now. I can work all night long now :sweat_smile: Jay

This issue is fixed in the 5A693 build. You no longer need to change the Magic Mouse settings to enable trackpad gestures.