Torus Shape/Biarc


I am new in grasshopper and I cannot find a solution. I want to create a shape like this: Torus%20Shape

The tutorials I have found only use 1 circle for the prep frames. I want to create one shape (just like the image above) that runs through the 2 green circles:

I thought about a different approach- to create biarcs instead. So I divided both circles separately into points and used the line component to connect those points but its not coming out straight like the image below so this didn’t work out either.

I ran out of ways to solve it. How can I solve this?

IMO, you don’t have to use two rails for this.
You’ll need pufferfish and Mesh+ plugin to make this definition works.

torus (21.1 KB)


Thank you so much for your help!!!


I wanted to add a ‘pipe’ to the mesh frame. I tried to use a single pipe in-between the mesh edges so as to obtain one single pipe. However, my system completely freezes and I have to force quit every time. Is there another way to work around it?

Thanks again for the help! (31.7 KB)

Your initial curve parameter is empty.

Sorry, here is the rhino file that contains the curve. Curve for Pipe.3dm (32.7 KB)

IMO, It’s not possible. Try to use curve thickening tool like dendro.

Thanks for the reply. I used dendro but it doesn’t smooth the volume, not sure where I’ve gone wrong. Also, how can I be certain that the diameter is 0.1m? (30.8 KB)

Dendro can gives very clean smooth volume

You could use mesh fattener and an attractor point (or non) instead of dendro. (24.6 KB)

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Thanks for your help! Just to confirm the name of the plugin you used is called ‘Flattener’ for the two components that are missing here? flattener%202

Ah sorry, you can find the Sekelton fattener here: Skeleton fattener + mesh cage morph just download the Fattener.gha, unblock it and place it in the Grasshopper Libraries folder

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Hi, I’m new to grasshopper.
Still learning to figuring out basic fundamental to script grasshopper.

I’m quite urgent for my thesis final project that due in coming week.
How can I script to get this torus shape, with already fix floor plan shape and height?

This model in rhino built but is too conceptually rigid form

Anyone can help me with this?
attach Rhino file

Thank you.