Top view port is laggy

Hey all,
For some reason, my ‘top’ viewport is getting really laggy and slow anytime I have any 3d object in the view. I set it to wireframe to no avail.
It has only recently started and I have rebooted several times (just to see if it helped). I’ve tinkered with all of the settings in the ‘viewport settings’ and still nothing.
Any ideas?



Hi Michael,

First I would advice you to tell a bit more about your system,
What Windows version, what Graphics card, are you also running other software in the background.

Is this also within a completely empty new file with just the 3d object in top view?
Or might it be related to the other geometry present in the file, if so what type of geometry is also visible in top view? Curves, blocks hatches meshes?

The more specific you can describe the circumstances the easier it could be to track down a cause.