Extremely laggy viewport_model simplify

Hello guys!

Is there any way to simplify a rhino model or reduce it with something. Cause I have a file about 1 GB and my pc specs as it seems aren’t enough to manage it smoothly without extremely laggy rotation.

I have checked for bad objects is there anything else to do?

Thank you

How does it look like? Is it nurbs or mesh?

Hello Baris!

Thank you for your reply. It is a building model from nurbs.

I often have to model huge facades and I try to keep them in mesh it’s way lighter. Depending on what your model looks like I would change it to mesh. In gh and rhino 5 I model everything until 4 edges in mesh. Also putting heavy parts in Worksessions can help and just turn them on when needed. There’s also exists the bbox display but I personally don’t like it

Thank you Baris I think your advices will be helpfull. What is worksessions something like vrayproxies?

More like autocad xrefs

You could use the wireframe mode but In rhino5 1 GB is too big in my experience

Yeah I know but there is no difference and it is very complicated cause I have complicate geometries. But if worksessions is what I imagine you saved my life and I really had no idea!

Have you tried Rhino 6? It would be interesting to see if V6 did a better job of handling your large model.

Yeah! I use last version of rhino 6…