Layout view with details Lagging


I am having an issue with lagging in the layout view. Panning, zooming dragging objects are the most noticeably affected.

The model itself (viewed in perspective view for example) is a simple one and has no noticeable lag. The layout view in question has about 5 separate details in it. I have other models with more that lag more. All of the different details are being used to generate images to go into an assembly manual.

Should I be putting only one detail per layout sheet?

Does this sound like a Rhino issue or a system issue. I’m running windows 7 pro on a Lenovo E431 with an i7 and it is the fastest computer i have owned to date. Running even my largest models very snappily even in shaded render view mode.


Hi Moose- can you send the simplest model that you have that shows the problem to, att’n: pascal, and I’ll take a look. If the file is large, SaveSmall, Zip, and upload via




I have just uploaded a simple model that demonstrates the issue on my machine to the link you provided. The layout space is moderately laggy in this file on my machine. Enough to make one frustrated.