Latest wip terribly slow, just me?

I’m on the latest wip and viewport refresh is terrible, same for RHino to keeping up with me to show me that something has been selected or unselected (takes a few seconds). And the laptop fans are going on non-stop. Any ideas what’s going on?



Your report is the first I’ve heard of this. Is the display super slow when you rotate or pan? I’m asking because selection/deselection slowdown could be caused by other misbehaving factors than just the display code.

HI Steve, I restarted Windows and WIP and see it it goes away. I could not get passed restoring to 4-views (you can see the icon still_clicked on this screenshot). In this case I was doing a test with Snapshots. So maybe that’s the problem? FIle attached.

test_slide_flythrough01.3dm (557.3 KB)

I believe 4View and NewViewport have crash bugs in the latest WIP. @andy may be able to help with confirming that.

@gustojunk , if you have played with Raytaced viewport specific settings you need to disable that in Rhino Options > Raytraced settings. Uncheck the very first checkbox (allow viewport settings override). That should prevent crashes with those commands.

ok, that aside, I cannot replicate the slowdown. now in a new file is all fine:

So maybe it was just a temporary fluke? Also loading back the file with snapshopts it’s all fine again.

I don’t know if this is useful. but I was also seeing weird shadow splotches on the viewport before, they looked like strokes of charcoal pencil.