Latest wip terribly slow, just me?

(Gustavo Fontana) #1

I’m on the latest wip and viewport refresh is terrible, same for RHino to keeping up with me to show me that something has been selected or unselected (takes a few seconds). And the laptop fans are going on non-stop. Any ideas what’s going on?



(Steve Baer) #2

Your report is the first I’ve heard of this. Is the display super slow when you rotate or pan? I’m asking because selection/deselection slowdown could be caused by other misbehaving factors than just the display code.

(Gustavo Fontana) #3

HI Steve, I restarted Windows and WIP and see it it goes away. I could not get passed restoring to 4-views (you can see the icon still_clicked on this screenshot). In this case I was doing a test with Snapshots. So maybe that’s the problem? FIle attached.

test_slide_flythrough01.3dm (557.3 KB)

(Steve Baer) #4

I believe 4View and NewViewport have crash bugs in the latest WIP. @andy may be able to help with confirming that.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #5

@gustojunk , if you have played with Raytaced viewport specific settings you need to disable that in Rhino Options > Raytraced settings. Uncheck the very first checkbox (allow viewport settings override). That should prevent crashes with those commands.

(Gustavo Fontana) #6

ok, that aside, I cannot replicate the slowdown. now in a new file is all fine:

So maybe it was just a temporary fluke? Also loading back the file with snapshopts it’s all fine again.

I don’t know if this is useful. but I was also seeing weird shadow splotches on the viewport before, they looked like strokes of charcoal pencil.