Toon/sketch rendering in V6

I was wondering If it will be possible to create non realistic sketch/toon looking renders with cycles in V6 like Penguin can achieve?

Render Examples:

Not as currently stands. For toon-like rendering with some form of lines you’d better off using Penguin. There is a toon shader in Cycles, but it isn’t very useful in itself.

If you check you’ll see that for instance the Blender compositor is used - we don’t have such tools, so it’d be hard. We could save out the necessary render layers, but you’d still have to use external tools to do the compositing.

You can also check Blender NPR for more info on doing NPR, but Rhino/Cycles won’t cut it for now.

Thanks for the reply. Any other alternatives to Penguin that seems to be discontinued since 2008? Which renders can get this job done?

bringing something like penguin back would be great.
but probably this can be achieved with just some display mode tweaks.

I think there will be a Penguin plug-in for V6. @fran ?

I feel like with the cycles nodes in grasshopper something like this could be achieved? Maybe mixed in photoshop with a custom view port setting for the linework you could get very close.

@jeff, do we have anything laying around for users to play with for at least toon shading? This won’t be a supported feature of V6, but maybe we have something at least in a test command to start getting feedback on for V7.


You might try this: Simple Bright here:
(Scroll down)
It works in Beta 6.

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This is pretty easy…at least what’s being shown here in the end results (UI aside)… Only would take a few minutes to throw something together.

You want it in 6.0 or 6.x? Obviously in some kind of test command capacity…but I want to know which branch you want it in.


I know it’s pretty easy and thought it may already have been snuck in somewhere. Let’s definitely not add this to the 6.0 branch since we’re stabilizing as much as possible at the moment.

I’ll be able to publish a separate plug-in with some materials that aren’t in V6. Above is a quick toon bsdf based material test in Raytraced, with edges and seams showing.



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just for the sake of some experimental alternatives, if you hit the objects with a hard spot light and throw an extra sun in to burn it further also adjusting the gloss finish including some silhouette curves, one you can get something like a 2 facetted shading. (done on the mac version)




Nope, don’t do that anymore. And since it would be the 6.x branch, I’ll hold off doing anything…It also looks like Penguin has entered the discussion…


But just for grins…Here’s what happens when I just change the shading algorithm a bit in our render shader…


@jeff So where would the UI show up? A display mode with options, new materials, or ???


If it’s a display mode setting, then only the display would be held accountable… If it is a material definition (which I think is the better place for it), then that means the RR (and possibly other renderers) would need to support it.

For display modes, there’s already a “Shading Effects” section found in Tech mode settings…that could be brought out into the other modes I suppose and add “NPR Shading” or “Toon Shading” settings… but I really don’t know at the moment, I haven’t given it much thought.


That is great! I would love to see some of those materials/display modes in V6.

I think a display mode ala technical would be a huge step forward in the right direction. A toon display mode has been on the wish list for many years and I think it would benefit all if it was part of vanilla Rhino, developed by the core developers. I would love to have a display mode like that as there are lot’s of situations that needs simplified illustrations.


Maybe it’s best to add this to the 7.0 (WIP) branch since it will take some effort to figure out the UI for options. Backporting can be done if we find it necessary.