Penguin Future and Obj Visibility

Will Penguin be updated for V6 or is it dead? I’m looking for a quick sketch type render to show customers’ the design intent without getting bogged down. Photo realistic stuff is too time consuming. It also confuses a lot of folks unless you model two sets of prongs, i.e. ones that look set and the ones you need to prototype for the setter.

That brings me to Penguin, but I’m having trouble telling it what to render. It always shows curves (black circle inside finger):

Oddly enough, the display pipeline won’t even show curves:

Well, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

Okay, I figured it out. If you set global rendering options it will render the curves. If you just specify local rendering options to some objs it will not render curves. Seems like it might be a bug.

I guess I could work around that. Back to my other question, if I invest in this will it still work in V6?

No decision has been made on Penguin for V6. That’s something we have to think about very soon considering all the new rendering tools.

Is there any artistic rendering options in V6? I haven’t paid much attention to Rhino Cycles. I’m moving farther away from photo-realistic.

You’d be surprised by how many people become uneasy looking at ‘realistic’ renders. Last year I started doing pencil sketches by hand. If scale was critical, I’d lay out the elements in Rhino, then take a screencap into Sketchbook Pro and essentially trace it. It’s a much more efficient way to communicate and I spent a lot less time reassuring customers that it will look good in the end.

So you’re looking for toon/flat shaded looking materials with something like strokes?

For RhinoCycles I could easily add some materials that do toon-style shaded (not super, but possibly enough). Not sure about strokes, maybe it can be composited with the existing pen or artistic mode line renderings…

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I would really like to see Penguin in V6 and the bugs addressed. I’m guessing it doesn’t have the user base to warrant it though.

I don’t like the idea of compositing. Plus (at least in V5), the display pipeline settings are not robust enough, nor per object configurable.

This chicken scratch drawing gets an immediate yes.

This is the closest I could get with Penguin:

I know the Penguin version would be better if the bars between the stones were filleted, but that’s another story. This is the infilletable modelster.

I’ve pretty much given up on fillets. My geometry is always light, but the intersections are always complicated and it just fails.

Compositing was here merely a word to convey an automated process of getting two components work together without the user knowing it :slight_smile:

I have personally toyed with the idea of integrating Freestyle, a stroke rendering engine ( Directory index: ), but alas it has a license incompatible with Rhino for direct integration. But otherwise it could be an interesting option for getting nice sketch renderings.

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I got ya. So the lines from the artistic display pipeline would be configurable just like render materials. That would work for me.

I’m still no closer to figuring out if I should buy Penguin for V5…

+1 for non photo realistic rendering options.
My clients have seen it all and aren’t impressed. The cost in time is rarely worth it.
I came from SketchUp but I’m drifting back there more and more because of this issue. SketchUp lacks curves but other than that, it’s closer to a 3D version of Illustrator that I’d hoped Rhino would become.

I ended up purchasing a license and it’s been a big hit. I used it on two difficult jobs that normally cause apprehension, and both customers gave me an immediate and enthusiastic thumbs up.

I’m going to play with it some more, then share with other Rhino jewelers on the 3Dcadjewelry forum.

Penguin newbie here.
I certainly hope penguin is not dead!!
I just bought Penguin yesterday.
It just needs a bit of defrosting/thawing out is all!

I personally am going to be very disappointed if it doesn’t work for Rhino 6. Very.

I don’t have the time or inclination to buggerise around with full-blown software.
And it never produces the results I’m looking for anyway.

I tried brazil. Too complicated.
I tried flamingo and my renderings looked worse than the default rhino renderer.
I tried keyshot. Too expensive.
I tried v-ray. Too many options.
I tried Iray. Too new.

Yes there is a lot of competition in the render market, but you know, some people don’t want all of these options.
I just want something that will give an almost childlike, naïve, unfinished, cartoon-like effect to my 3D models.

I’m not even asking for any new features. I would just like to see it compatible with Rhino 6. And maybe tweak the user interface a bit so that all the icons and checkboxes that are there line up properly on 4/5k screens. That’s it.

Penguin will be available for Rhino 6.

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Could be great. The gallery shows some impressive results. I remember me I was very disapointed by the Penguin v2 release because the speed was several times slower than of v1 (for complex models).
I miss a non-realistic engine for quick animation renderings of complex models. Maybe Freestyle could do the job.