Toon Display

Hi guys, this is really interesting and it brings a decade old wish to the table:
Can we please have a toon shader display mode in Rhino?

If I recall correctly this development was started by the Penguin developers, but never got off the ground. I don’t know if it was related to the penguins short wings or what not, but we could all benefit from a good toon shader display mode to communicate early ideas, and using Grasshopper for this isn’t ideal since we need that display mode for layouts etc.

I cross my fingers! :slight_smile:


I think @jeff was doing some work in this area, but am not sure where this ended up.

recently came across this:
really nice stuff, working like a charm


@Piotr I split Holo’s comments off from a different thread that discussed the tool that you gave a link for. Holo is asking about toon display as a core display mode.

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@Holo @stevebaer not a specialist on this domain not in Rhino implementation but to my point of view there is 2 options

  • Option 1 : Toon shader is just a Display Mode (outlines thickness in parameter) and it uses the diffuse material, shininess … of the material
  • Option 2 : There is specific material to deal with Outlines, diffuse color, shininess …
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For effective images a display mode would be my wish.
If I had to change materials then I don’t think I would use it much.
BUT I see your point in having per object settings for toon shading, so maybe objects would need a custom override setting too.

If so I would put this on an “down the road” feature where a display mode is made first, then object settings can be added later on.

And of course, IF Penguin is still to be supported it should support those settings too, or just implement those in Rhino so they are the settings to use for per object overrides.


slightly off topic but I used a toon sample from the forum and got an intresting result going from berp to mesh to sub d to mesh.toon shader with quick (23.8 KB)

couch.3dm (68.7 KB)