Tools disappeared

Well it happened to ME also this morning. Open Rhino 5 as I have since I started learning and ALL the tools are gone. Just as bizarre an experience as everyone else has noted.
Loading a backup of the .rui didn’t help much. The layout I painstakingly set up vanished.
I have 2 monitors and when Rhino is open and for example I open Firefox to check something, the tools vanish but usually come back when giving focus back to Rhino. I wonder if this is related to the trauma of loosing it all.
I’ll never learn to model if I have to deal with this situation.

Always name your custom workspace and save it under that name. If you have put a lot of work into it, make a backup copy elsewhere. It’s possible that your workspace was intact, but simply all the toolbars were closed.

That part is unfortunately normal with any floating toolbars, no matter which monitor they are on. However, it does not affect problem #1.

Thank you for the reply.
But the more I try to understand the toolbar section in Tools>Options the more confused I get.
I have saved multiple examples in the area under “files” – you would think that the check boxes in the “toolbars” area below it would reflect what toolbars are selected for each workspace (?) but it’s not the case.
No where in that dialog area (Tools>Options>Toolbars) is the word “workspace” as you have indicted in your reply.
There’s the rub.

Hi Michael - ‘workspace’ is general Rhinospeak for the toolbar layout and files in Rhino. The actual files containing the toolbars and macros and bitmaps are *.rui files. When you have one of these selected in the top area, the toolbars contained in that selected rui file are shown below - check marks indicate the visibility of the toolbars in the current session of Rhino. Dunno if that makes any sense with what you’re seeing/asking about.


Thanks for your reply, Pascal.
As you can see from the screenshot the Dano2 “workspace” file is selected but NONE of the check boxes (trust me none) are shown. They are ALL unchecked. That’s what bothers me. My screen is filled with floating toolbars as I reworked what I had before the unexpected toolbar issue this morning


Is that the case for all of the files listed in the top section?


Pascal-- When I opened Rhino to check to answer you, all the toolbars were gone again.
They’re not REALLY gone however. It’s just that the check boxes are not checked properly.
I closed ALL the RUI files then opened the original. Check boxes were ALL unchecked.
If I check the boxes of the toolbars that I want to show, (a tedious task) they load and pop into the last position on the screen.
I can live with this issue now that I better understand the problem.

Do you have multiple Rhino’s open @Msavage ?

Is this happening EVERY time you exit and re-start Rhino? For me it happens maybe once a month, not every time. If you are unable to get Rhino to keep your settings at all, perhaps you don’t have the correct write permissions somewhere? I think the toolbar open/closed and position info is actually stored in the registry and not the .rui file, so I don’t know where to look to fix that.


Once a month?! It’s never happened to me before for the past two years, I would guess. All those typical responses, multiple rhino’s, permissions etc are not an issue.
Then came the dawn: odd things started happening in my system when I installed Wacom drivers and a wacom3 tablet. While the tablet is accurate and top notch, it tries to be too many things. You cannot be accurate at on-screen tasks if all the muscles in your arm are required to move a cursor. I have since uninstalled and cleaned the system of every trace of Wacom. So far no issues. Anyone else find Wacom an issue?
Thanks to all for responses.

Never had one, so that’s not the only problem. --Mitch