I got in trouble at rhino displace ?!?!

every icon commands was invisible and i don’t know why?? i just updated window 10 for a few weeks and it do well, can anybody help me for this problem?? tkz a lot

Try typing ToolbarReset and see if that helps…


it still not work… :((((( thanks @Helvetosaur

Hmm, OK, so you typed ToolbarReset, Enter, then restarted Rhino and it didn’t help… Dunno, maybe your toolbar file got corrupted.

You can try this:

  • Close all instances of Rhino.
  • At the start button/start screen, type %appdata%. You should end up
    in your AppData folder where you can navigate to:


  • In that folder you will find some toolbar files including
    default.rui and default.rui.rui_bak
  • Remove the default .rui file
  • Make a COPY of the default.rui.rui_bak file
  • Rename the COPY to default.rui
  • Try restarting Rhino…

HTH, --Mitch

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Hi Shane,

I see your Rhino is loading a very old version of RhinoRender (sept 12 2013)

What version of Rhino are you running? Do you have the latest SR installed?


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Hmm- ToolbarReset should do it - it will unpack a brand new rui file when you restart Rhino. Did you get this sorted out? As Willem points out, you might be a few versions behind, though that should not matter… check for updates and see if that sorts anything out (Help menu).


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