Toolbar Layout reset bug in Rhino v6

Hello All,

New Rhino is great, however hitting this little annoying snag . Every time I open up the software it has rearranged my top toolbar . No matter how or where I save the layout, it keeps moving the main toolbars to the right side and any additional ones swapping to left , even when they are locked.

Anyone else experiencing the same?


@oskars.pantelejevs, do you have comma set as decimal separator in Windows?

No I have a dot . ‘’.’’

Should it be something else?

A couple more questions:

  • what region is your machine set to? (The machine I use has region set to Finland)
  • what is the display language? (Display language is set on my machine to English (United States))
  • what is the format style? (in the screenshot it is English (United States))
  • It is set to United Kingdom
  • English (united Kingdom)
    -english (united Kingdom)

non-unicode programm language setting are also set to English (united Kingdom)


Not too sure yet, I’ll have to test with your settings too. This is on Windows 10 with all updates installed?

The reason I ask is that I was able to get behavior like you have with culture and localization settings such that comma as decimal separator was used. I am not sure how it is possible with your settings, but I’ll have to just try and see if I can get anywhere close.

Yep. windows 10 and all up to date.

Do you think the problem is in the computer settings rather than the Rhino software settings then?

Would any screenshots of the issue help?

It most definitely is a bug in Rhino, we just need to figure out all the cases it can appear.

Rhino layout when im working on it :

New Rhino 6 instance even after saving toolbar settings and loading

Hmm, that is not even what I thought it would open to. That is not the default toolbar layout. That looks like reversed toolbar order

That seems to be a problem with any kind of docked panels - there are a couple of bug reports on this.

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@JohnM, here another case of nice toolbar layout bug for you :slight_smile:

Were you able you solve it somehow? Same here, drives me crazy…