Language and keyboard layout

Hi, Im currently having a problem with the English version of Rhino 6 evaluation version. Im downloading the english version, but I have a Nordic keyboard layout. The means that I have no means of typing stuff like signs. What is a solution to this?

There is also no language version in any nordic language, so thats not an option.

Sounds strange. The keyboard is an operating system (OS) thing, not a Rhino thing.

I have a Swedish keyboard, never had a problem.

// Rolf

My thought too. It does not seem like my laptop with Windows 10 has any problem with it. But my desktop with win7 had the problem. I’ll make sure that i didnt just oversee Windows keyboard layout when I come home

What is the problem exactly? When you type in symbols appear different or the symbols on the keyboard do not match what you actually type. My idea is it may be a character coding issue (utf-8, windows-1736, or whatever) instead of a keyboard layout issue. You should check the unicode setting of windows. I sometimes have problem with cyrilic not being displayed if that setting has not been set.

What signs do you mean?

I use Rhino with a Dvorak-type keyboard layout, optimized for Finnish language - no problems here AFAICT (other than that coworkers don’t know how to type on a proper layout :wink: )

Norwegian keyboard here. I also don’t have any issues? But I also don’t get what you’re trying to do. Trying to make a text object? A dot? Making your own commands?