Toolbar layout lost every time I open Rhino

All of a sudden I have this problem with Rhino not remembering the toolbar window positions. I googled and found a topic discussing this for Rhino 5 and looked at the registry and saw that in Rhino 6 and 7 there is no entry for Window Positions? Is that normal?

I tried to repair Rhino 6 and also uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s still the same.

What can I do to avoid having to move around toolbars every time I open Rhino?

Hi Martin - there should be a settings file here:

%APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Plug-ins\Toolbars (dc297053-96c0-4883-a688-8326b4e024a8)\settings

and not one here:

%PROGRAMDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Plug-ins\Toolbars (dc297053-96c0-4883-a688-8326b4e024a8)\settings

If there is (I do not know the circumstances that create this file, possibly an older version used this location), rename or remove it.

Any luck?


I can see the setting file in the appdata location. The other one isn’t there so that’s good.

No luck unfirtunately with my toolbar locations

Here’s what’s in the two XML files:

I’m working with two external screens and the latest NVIDIA drivers.

Hello - I’d try loading EvoluteTools from a different location first and see what happens - the EvoluteTools one will reset because it is in Program Files and that is not a location that can be written by Rhino. If you make a copy elsewhere and load that instead, it should behave - it could be that this is messing the layout of your other rui as a side effect.


oh this is funny, moved all toolbars on just the laptop screen with the external screens switched off. Then opened Rhino 6 as admin and the toolbars are where they should be. Same if I open Rhino 6 from the taskbar.

Did a system recovery back to last week. Problem solved for now