Toolbar icons download / vector graphics


I’m just playing around a little bit with the elgato stream deck and want to test if it’s improving the workflow in Rhino. Therefore it would be great if the complete toolbar icons would be available in higher resolution, if possible even as vector graphics.

I found an AI-file from 2016 on BRG blog but there are not all icons in it. Is there a possibility to download the complete icons somewhere? Ideally including the SubD icons from the WIP version?

Thanks in advance,
Best, Peter

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there used to be a test command that dumped all the toolbar icons into a folder, maybe that is still around? might want to ask a guru. i amy have them stashed somewhere if you want me to look. they are the standard res though.

I guess that would be in 32x32 resolution? Thank you very much, but I would need at least 72x72… Thanks for the quick reply

Hey, I realize this is verging on post archaeology, but I found this post whilst searching for Stream Deck icons for Rhino and thought I would update it with what I found.

These icons are for Rhino 4, but they do seem pretty comprehensive so might cover a lot of what you’d want?

Of course, that won’t help with features/toolbar buttons that didn’t exist back then, but I reckon it’s a good start - note that they are available in vector formats (the original Xara as well as an exported Adobe Illustrator version) as well as PNG.

If McNeel have an updated version they could post, however, that would be really handy?



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