Toolbar buttons with Icons

I need some help here because Im just not finding what I need. Im creating a custom toolbar group for Sub D tools. I want to place ALL of the tools made available but can seem to find some of the tools anywhere. When I go to the help and look up the SubD Tools there is a pop up that shows all of the tools and their button icons. But when I try to find many of those buttons Im coming up empty. Ive opened the Workspace editor (very frustrating to use) and I cant find them nor can I search for them. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Scott - most everything should be available here:

Do you see that? Are there tools missing from there that you need?


You know I dont recall many of those tools being there. Maybe I messed something up. Is there a way to get that original toolbar back?

Ok I closed all toolbars and did a full reset. Its all there now. Not sure what happened but nothing new for me to break Rhino.

Thanks Pascal!

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